5 August 2021


Tech Adda


TechSlice is a Technology website that consists of all technology-related news, technology updates & facts. While TechSlice also consists of App news, Gadget news consists of information regarding watches, tech gadgets used for home. And also it mainly gathers information from different sources regarding the latest trends in science & technology.

TechSlice contains gadgets updates, news, ioT device information, and a lot more related to technology. We will also provide information on both iOS & Android apps-related information regarding the latest improvements & updates of App. And also we will provide information regarding COVID-19 news and updates regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and safety measures that need to be taken until the pandemic ends all over the world.

We will try to gather information daily on each and every criteria. Gadgets consist of AR glasses, smart wearables, fitness watches, ioT devices for home usage on daily basis. While many of the user requests information in a particular area or stream we will try to collect and also share to other readers. As a content website, we are not limited to particular fields, we try to gather a lot more information based on technology updates, patches, and more at one place at TechSlice.

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