Kurukshetra Battle to be displayed as a Game at VR Contest by Pune Students

battle of kurukshetra

Kurukshetra Battle to be displayed as a digital incubator for college entrepreneurs, 21 students from across India will exhibit prototypes of innovative products that have been fashioned from VR.

A war game based Kurukshetra battle depicted in the epic of Mahabaratha will be kept on display at the “Facebook school of innovation’s virtual reality day” in Bengaluru on Saturday. A year student in engineering has developed a prototype that makes players active participants in the battle. Because nowadays many gamers are designing games based on history-related games.

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21 students all over India will exhibit these prototypes as a fashion towards virtual reality regarding Kurukshetra battle. A panel of Facebook Indian team will select the top 10 teams as a winner of the “India VR Day“.  As the game begins, the VR player can witness opponents advancing menacingly who then have to be eliminated.

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At the end of Kurukshetra battle, the player and the opponent have to face each other in a one-on-one battle and fight until one of them runs out of health. For more information regarding technology follow techslice.

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