Indian Gas Company Leaked Millions of Aadhar Numbers

Indiane gas company leaked aadhar numbers

A French researcher had claimed that he found a security fault that leaked millions of dealers and distributors associated with Indane, an LPG brand owned by Indian Oil Corporation.

Indiane gas company leaked aadhar numbers

On Monday, Indane gas company leaked the Aadhar data of nearly 6.7 million dealers and distributors of Indane can accessible only with valid username and password, are easily exposed. “Due to a lack of authentication in the local dealers portal, Indane is leaking the names, addresses and the Aadhaar numbers of their customers,” said Alderson.

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Using a custom built script to scrape the database, Alderson found nearly 11,000 dealers, including name, address, details before his IP was blocked by Indane gas company leaked the Aadhar. He said that “he had written the python script, by running this he got 11,062 valid dealer ids. After 1 day he found nearly 58,26,116 Indane customers are affected by this leak. Actually, nowadays aadhar details are leaking frequently by many companies.

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The French researches found nearly 5.8 million Indane gas company leaked the Aadhar details of customers records before his script was blocked. And many users in India feel that linking their aadhar to government-related websites are revealing their details to others, in this case, related to Indane gas Company. For more updates related to technology, apps, gadgets and many more at one place techslice.

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