September 16, 2021

PUBG Mobile Flora Menace Mode 1.6 Update Released| Flora Menace New Update Of PUBG

PUBG mobile flora menace 1.6 update

PUBG Mobile Flora Menace Mode Released new Update coming for all PUBG lovers. PUBG developers are coming with a new update known as “Menace Mode”. While we already knew the PUBG 1.5 Ignition mode was successful. So, after that developers are releasing another new PUBG Mobile 1.6 Flora Menace mode update. The most important update in this mode will be having the “Vikendi” update will return. If you want to know more complete update details read the complete article.

PUBG Mobile Flora Menace Mode 1.6 Update

PUBG mobile flora menace update is coming for all. In this update, users will get the “Vikendi” update back. And in the beta, no update will be there as of now.  While there are a lot of new updates in the PUBG Mobile menace mode such as Evo ground modes and more features are on the way. And this update will be available for all users from September 14th.

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How To Get PUBG Mobile Flora Menance New Mode?

All the users will be getting this update from September 14th. While this mode will be available at several places of “Erangal Map”.  And all the users can get this model from the Erangal map as it is implemented into it. So, while playing the game just visit the Erangal map to get new modes. So developers are bringing back the Vikendi 2.0 map as it was released earlier in 1.3 update.

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Features Of  Flora Menance

In the PUBG Mobile Flora Menace mode users will be getting new features such as Rejuvenation Barrier, Cell-Matrix & Dynahex Supplies. And also EVO ground modes are also back. While Survive Till Dawn and Payload 2.0 mode will also be the added features in this game. For more updates regarding games, technology news, update and more stay connected to our website TechSlice and also connect with us on social media pages.

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