September 17, 2021

Zika Virus Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention – How Zika Virus Is Spreading?

zika virus symptoms

Zika virus symptoms, treatment, prevention described in this article. The Zika virus is mainly spreading though mosquitos. More specifically zika virus is spreading by Aedes species mosquito. The infecting mosquitos will bite both day and night times of day. As of now total 14 zika virus cases has reported in India. And also regarding symptoms there are only mild symptoms such as fever, headache, pains and more in detail. So, read the complete article for zika virus symptoms, treatment, prevention and more.

What Are Symptoms Of  Zika Virus?

As per health resources and WHO, Zika virus symptom are mild. Here we are listing few symptoms that are noticed as far Zika virus cases recorded by health department.

  1. Fever
  2. Rashes
  3. Joint Pain’s
  4. Headache
  5. Muscle Pain’s
  6. Red Eyes 
  7. Abdominal pain
  8. Fatigue (or) General feeling of Discomfort

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Mainly Zika virus will last long even weeks. This Zika virus will be present in blood of infected person. And infected person can’t even guess if they are infected because symptoms are similar to all other viruses. So, the infected person dies of Zika without knowing.

Pregnant should take more care because if they effected with Zika virus can pass through fetus.

What Test Should Be Taken For Zika Virus?

Infected patients can take Blood test (or) urine test for confirming whether you are infected or not with Zika virus.

Spread Of Zika Virus

  • Zika virus spread if any person travelled to other areas where the cases of Zika virus are present.
  • If infected person involves in sex, then it spreads easily to others.
  • Pregnant women can transfer virus through fetus.

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Treatment For Zika Virus

As of now there is no treatment for zika virus. And also no vaccine for Zika virus. Because the virus cannot be known even if they are infected. Only one thing doctors suggested is all people should keep their surroundings clean. If you see mosquitos are more in your are then you should complain to municipal department so that they will spray gas for stopping virus.



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