September 17, 2021

PUBG Mobile 1.5 “Tesla” Update Released Model Y | How To Get Tesla Car In PUBG

how to get tesla car in pubg

PUBG mobile Tesla update released. PUBG mobile 1.5 update gives all the players and gamers new experience in collaboration with Tesla. Those already knew Tesla cars and Elonmusk, you will be more excited to know regarding the new update because it give players more realistic mode of game. While this new update give players new ignition game mode and also will have lot of Tesla gizmos for the game. For more detail regarding how to get Tesla car mode in PUBG read the complete article.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Tesla Car ?

PUBG Mobile 1.5 update gives access to Ignition mode for all futuristic releases. So with the Ignition update, Tesla built the Gigafactory  on Erangel map. In this map you can get the Tesla model Y car as a new update.

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Steps In Detail On How To Get Tesla Car

  1. Gamers should land near the Gigafactory.
  2. As it’s  a new update so all the players want to land in the Gigafactory.
  3. After entering , gamers should find three terminals with switches.
  4. While first switch is present above the main entrance, get it by using stairs to climb.
  5. And the second switch is present on opposite side, where the assembly line starts.
  6. The third switch is below the second switch, inside the room.
  7. After finishing all levels Tesla car production will start automatically.

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Tesla Update Unique Features

Tesla update has unique feature i.e. auto pilot mode that can be activate when users are in highway. Once you activated this mode Tesla car will drive automatically. While it also brings to locations of pre-set markers. It will be done only on highways.

It also had other features such as Hyperlines for moving between the locations at selected times. And also it has Tech center, Energy center, Logistic center and a lot more. This Tesla update also had automatic lifts, automatic doors. While this new mode also offers muzzle brake, drum magazine.

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