September 17, 2021

Android Apps Stealing Facebook Login Id’s & Passwords Of User

Android apps effected by trojan virus

Android apps stealing Facebook login IDs & passwords of user. There are a total of 10 apps that are stealing facebook users data. Among 10 only 9 apps are available in Google play store. While the trojan malware is spread to apps as harmless software while installing. And as per the source this malware was installed more than 5,85,6100. For more information regarding Android apps stealing facebook login users data read the complete article.

How Trojan Malware Was Installed And Stealing Facebook User Details?

The Trojan malware was installed in different manners for stealing data. Once they install and complete the code setting they will turn the facebook login page to webview. After turn into webview their java script code into the same webview. So, as the scammers installed java script code then can now access the facebook users’s login details. After user enter the details are directly transferred to trojan software and then can steal the details.

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Once they steal the facebook user login details the trojan scammers also steal the cookies of the user. While the remaining one app is installed by using apk file. So, the app is not installed in play store. Google found these 9 apps and deleted the apps permentaly fom google play store. Although the apps deleted many of users data had been already stealed by Trojan scammers.

List Of Andriod Apps Stealing Facebook Login Details

       1. PIP Photo

PIP photo is an image editing app present in Google playstore. While this app has been downloaded more than 5,000,000 times. This PIP photo was infected by Trojan malware.

     2. Processing Photo

It’s also another photo editing app. This processing photo app has been downloaded more than 5,000,000 times. And it is also effected. While the developer is chikburahailton.

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     3. Rubbish Cleaner

The Rubbish cleaner is used to clean the android cache from mobiles. It has downloaded more than 1,000,000 times. While the developer of the app is SNT.rbcl.

    4. Inwell Fitness

The Inwelll fitness suggest the user regarding fitness performance and improvements. It is also downloaded more than 5,000,000 times.

   5. App Lock Keep

The App Lock Keep helps users to lock the app’s on their Ansrois devices for safety. It has been effected and downloaded more than 5,000 times. While the developer of app is Sheralaw Rence.

  6. Horoscope Daily

This app gives daily updates regarding horoscopes of all zodaic signs. It has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times.

  7. Lockit Master

This app helps to lock your mobile, apps locker and more privacy settings for mobile. While it is downloaded more than 5,000m,000 times.

 8. Horoscope Pi

It was downloaded more than 1000 times.

9. App Lock Manager

As of now it has been downloaded for 10 times. It is only with less downloads.

If any of users using these apps, try to delete all these apps and clear cache on your mobiles. For more technology news, gadgets news, update, apps, games and more stay connected to our website.

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