September 17, 2021

Pregnant Women Eligible For Covid-19 Vaccination In India | Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Process For Pregnant Women In India

registartion process of covid-19 vaccination for pregnant women

Pregnant women are eligible for Covid-19 vaccination. In India, Covid-19 vaccination is given to people whose age is greater than 18 years. But, previously Indian government didn’t give permission for pregnant women to get vaccinated. After much research and trials now all pregnant women eligible for covid-19 vaccination. So all the pregnant women can now register their details in the Cowin portal (or) they can also walk directly to the nearest vaccination center.

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration For Pregnant Women

A great news that covid-19 vaccination is given for pregnant women in India. Now all pregnant women eligible for covid-19 vaccination. Indian citizens can now register in Cowin portal who are pregnant. Pregnant women should go to the official website Cowin. And pregnant women should log in to the portal by using their aadhar number provided by Indian authorization. Then enter the opt that was received to your mobile.

Locate Nearest Vaccination Centers Using WhatsApp Chatbot

After logging into the site check the vaccination center by using your area Pincode (or) using district, city. In case if you don’t find any centers for vaccination directly walk into the nearest vaccination centers. While It’s very important for all pregnant women to get vaccinated as the third wave already started. And also the new Delta variant is a high risk than other variants.

Covid-19 FactSheet For Pregnant Ladies

As usual, the other age groups will be vaccinated those who are registered in the cowin portal. While all states are trying to vaccinate more people to stop new variants that are more serious than other variants. The health ministry already provided a factsheet for frontline workers for counseling pregnant women.

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Danger Of Not Taking Covid-19 Vaccine For Pregnant Women

More than 70% of pregnant women also affected by the Covid-19 attack and some of the women recovered by staying at home. If pregnant women attacked by Covid-19 their fetuses will also be affected. While there will be high risk in pregnancy.

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