September 17, 2021

Xbox Cloud Gaming Download For iOS, Windows 10 PC

Xbox Cloud gaming download

Xbox Cloud gaming download for iOS, Windows 10 Pc is now available. All the Xbox and gaming users can now play interesting & best games by using iOS mobile. And also Xbox Cloud gaming download also available for Windows 10 PC users parallelly. For more details regarding how to download and usage, updates read the complete article here.

Xbox Cloud Gaming & Xbox Passes

Xbox Cloud gaming will be now more interesting if we are playing with touch controls. The Xbox Cloud gaming service is now available for all the Xbox Game Pass ultimate Subscribers. As of now, Cloud gaming is available for 22 countries’ users. Already in April company already the beta version of Xbox gaming for users. While this news was shared by a post on Xbox wire’s official Twitter page. So, those who want to access Xbox Cloud gaming download for iOS, Windows 10 pc can download them on their iPhones, iPad & Tablets.

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Total Games On Xbox Cloud Gaming

They have included all the interesting & most downloaded games played by the users. And there were a total of 100 games that are present in Xbox for all the users who have Xbox Games pass. The players and gamers who are having a good internet connection can play the games without any interruption. Users can play these games on any browser such as Google, Safari, Microsoft Edge.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming Features & Discounts

The gamers can now experience the streaming of games at 1080p for all the devices. Those who already had the Xbox Gaming pass can now access the Xbox Cloud Gaming accessibility. And the remaining users can buy the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription worth $14.99 i.e. (Rs.1,100). While Microsoft is also giving a discount that users can buy it for $1  and also can have access for extra 2 months of free service for the users.

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