September 17, 2021

Queen Elizabeth Owns All Swans In England

Queen owns all swans

Queen Elizabeth owns all swans in England. Yes, it’s a true fact that England Queen Elizabeth wons all swans in England & some other animals too. It was the rule and act that passed in England. While it was the law that made in ancient times i.e. since the 12th century. And if you want to know the real fact why Queen England owns all swans read the complete article.

Why Does England Queen Elizabeth Own All Swans?

Everyone who heard this statement will be surprised by the reasons and facts. The main reason behind the fact is the Crown of England has the right to claim the ownership of all unmarked mute swans that are swimming in the open waters of England and Whales belong to the queen.  Not only swans there are some other animals present in England are belong to Queen.

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According to the source, this act was created because the swans are eaten as prized food in England banquets and feats. While these rights were granted by the monarch for selecting a few swans. But now swans are protected and they should not be eaten. While a few years ago the government used to impose high taxes & penalties if anyone killed (or) injured a swan. And these prisoners are jailed for a year even they used to steal the eggs of a swan.

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Who Takes Care After Swans?

All the Swans are taken care of by  “Queen’s Swan Maker”  who will be monitoring the health of all Swan population. While he will also organize the annual event of “Swan Upping” on the River Thames. And also he works closely or rescuing the swans. So, Queen Elizabeth owns all the swans in England will be taken care of by him.

Does Queen Have The Right To Eat Swans?

According to the sources, many people had a belief that Queen is allowed to eat the Swans. On the other side, the Queen of England is immune to prosecution, so she could eat if she wanted to.

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