September 17, 2021

More Than 1,20,000 Petitions Signed To Stop Jeff Bezos From Returning To Earth

Jeff Bezos should not return to earth

Stop Jeff Bezos from returning to earth petition signed against after traveling to space. Amazon CEO “Jezz Bezos”  was traveling to space with this brother Mark, on July 20. With these two there is another person who won the bid for traveling. And this space travel was also known as the wealthiest space travel till now.  So many people around the world signed a petition i.e. Billionaires should not exist…on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter, they should stay there”. More than 1,20,000 people signed till now to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to earth. For more details regarding to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to earth read the complete article.

Jeff Bezos Space Travel Cost & Info:

Apart from Jeff Bezos and his brother, the third person won the bid for a whopping amount of  $28million. While the traveling vehicle was named after “Alan Shepherd” he was the first American to travel to space. This rocket was made by the “Blue Origin” company which was reusable. Earlier in 2018, the company “Blue Origin” announced that they are making a reusable rocket for traveling to space. And they also mentioned that they will be charged an amount $200,000.

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Petition Against Jeff Bezos In Detail:

Actually, this petition was initiated by a user at named “Ric G“. He stated that we should not allow Jeff Bezos to return from space. And he also mentioned that “Billionaires should not exist… on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter, they should stay there”. While this petition was started two weeks ago. And interestingly 1 day ago 1,00,000 petitions were signed. In a week it reaches the target of 1,50,000 petitions and it will become the highest petitions signed post on the website.

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Reasons To Sign Petition Stop Jeff Bezos From Returning  To Earth

While there are many reasons for this petition getting more important that some people don’t like rich persons. And some user mentioned that Jezz Bezos should not return to earth until he pays his taxes. So, everyone had their own reasons.  In case if we want to sign in the petition go to the website and sign the petition.


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