September 17, 2021

8 Lions Tested Positive In Nehru Zoological Park At Hyderabad

lions tested covid positive india

8 Lions tested positive at Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad. And it was the first case regarding animals being 8 lions tested positive in India. After this incident, many people are worried more because of the rapid increase of cases in India. As per the source CCMB (Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology) that was informed by forest authorities. For more information related to this news read the complete article.

As per the source, the forest department has reported that they conducted an RTPCR test, and results were reported as 8 lions tested Positive. While CCMB has also taken samples to confirm the report and they are testing again to confirm whether the virus has been affected transmitted through humans (or) animals. If they find that the Covid virus has been spread through animals they need to test all the animals in Zoo. If not they can keep these 8 lions in isolation and monitor them.

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While the forest officials had already started the medication. And they also planned to take conduct a CT scan for 8 lions to know if their lungs have been affected or not. As we know in humans we are going to test the CT if our lungs have been affected or not. Even though the 8 lions tested positive there are doing good. While all other animal samples are also taken to check how long that virus has been spread. And it is also necessary to be safer even for humans to stay at home and take necessary precautions.

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In Asia it was one of the biggest Zoo, already two dozen staff have already been affected Covid positive already. For more information regarding Covid-19 news, latest technology news, app updates, gadgets, and more stay connected with our website Techslice.

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